Yieldly’s Pool Pledge Round-Up: Two New Staking Options Starting 19 May

Community pools have taken a break, but now they’re back! Following our pledge to launch , here’s a round-up of two community staking, distribution and LP pools dropping in the next two weeks on Yieldly.

First up ASA Stats, a website that enables Algorand users to evaluate the current balance of all Algorand Standard Assets (ASAs) associated with their wallet addresses. The primary goal for ASA Stats is to provide the best possible user experience while still offering a robust and comprehensive asset tracker. To this end, ASA Stats plans to establish a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). The main applications for the ASA Stats Token are utility and DAO governance voting. New features are constantly being added, targeted at both traders and developers. Traders will want access to the extensive valuation offers, bundling features, and advanced user settings, while developers can connect to the API to develop widgets that can then be utilized by other users.

Next, we have Board — an ASA with a specific focus on the world of entertainment, lifestyle, technology, and music. Board’s first projects work to bring decentralized assets into the realm of celebrity influencers, charities, esports, and fashion. Furthermore, Board is looking to promote the adoption of the Algorand blockchain by actively collaborating with and promoting the efforts of the global blockchain community.

If you are a verified ASA project wanting to collaborate with Yieldly, please drop us an email at partnerships@yieldly.finance with as much information about your project as possible, and we will be in touch shortly. Happy staking!

As always, keep your eyes on our socials for the latest updates — , , and !



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