Yieldly Announces 20+ LP Pools Pledge Goal to Support Growing Algorand Ecosystem

3 min readFeb 2, 2022

Yieldly CEO, Seb Quinn aims to fuel 20+ LP Pools — starting next week — in pledge to drive massive support push for Algorand and Yieldly community.

Every great Algorand project deserves support and a chance to grow and thrive

At Yieldly we’ve been through it all, building and growing on Algorand. We know the blood, sweat and tears it takes to launch successful products here — and while it is challenging — one thing is certain, it couldn’t have been done without a strong supporting community. We recognise this, and can see that once again It’s time to come together. After all, we all want to see the Algorand ecosystem thrive, and together, we can achieve this.

So we’re doubling down on this community — by delivering our best in class Yieldly tech to support projects that are on their builder journey. Starting next week, Yieldly will be kicking off one of the largest single project ecosystem support programs — the LP Pools Pledge for Algorand projects.

The Yieldly LP Pools Pledge — powering up great Algorand projects

The LP Pools Pledge will target 20+ Algorand projects at varying stages of development, and deliver LP Pools on Yieldly while rewarding the community with YLDY for those who provide liquidity on Tinyman. Yieldly openly invites any projects on Algorand to join in by adding liquidity and showing their support — however large or small that may be.

How do LP Staking Pools help projects thrive?

The answer is simple. First these pools drive the community to deliver liquidity for the projects on Tinyman, as well as shining a spotlight on the numerous exciting projects building on Algorand. This then provides our communities with increased access to liquidity on a DeFi platform, and ultimately reduces volatility in project liquidity movement, lowering market impact of new members wishing to join the journey. The additional bonus is that this in turn, incentivises projects to focus on the continued development of their products with greater confidence. Win, win, win!

Striving towards bringing the Algorand community together and growing together as one

To reach 20+ LP Pools, our target is, starting next monday (7 Feb), to launch a new LP Pool every business day for the next 4 weeks. We welcome all community members to offer LP staking across Tinyman in the newly created Partner/YLDY pools and let’s watch the ecosystem grow in a unified way.

The LP Pools Pledge will not only deliver on our longtime commitment to develop best in class tech, but will stand as testament to our determination to drive a healthy defi ecosystem and growing the Algorand and community.

Thank you for all your support. If you are a verified project wanting to launch pools on Yieldly, please email partnerships@yieldly.finance with as much information about your project as possible and we will be in touch shortly.

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