Yieldly Announces Five New Liquidity Pools for the Week of February 14th

2 min readFeb 11, 2022

In line with our pledge to launch 20 liquidity pools in the month of February, we’re thrilled to announce the second batch of liquidity pools launching on our platform this week. Let’s dive in:

February 14th: ($RIO) Realio Network

First up is Realio, a layer two blockchain built using the Cosmos SDK and utilizing a Tendermint Byzantine Fault Tolerant Consensus Engine. Their goal is to create a secure blockchain & network to issue new tokens as well as bridge many of the existing layer one blockchains. The Cosmos SDK provides the Cosmos tried & true blockchain modules, including governance and minting, customizable modular components, and an EVM module.

February 15th: ($AO) AlgOcean

Next up is AlgOcean — a project that seeks to connect the whole Algorand community with ocean conservation efforts around the world. In addition to their ocean conservation partnerships, AlgOcean also features gaming and NFT collecting via their native AO token.

February 16th: ($CHIP) Algo-Casino

Algo-Casino positions itself as the go-to decentralized gambling platform for poker and other casino-centric games, a first of its kind on the Algorand blockchain. Players can stake the native CHIP token on the platform and act as the house, or try pitting their poker faces against other players. Profits are distributed back to CHIP stakers as rewards.

February 17th: ($FLAMINGO) Flamingo Coin

Flamingo Coin is Algorand’s first ASA 100% owned by the community. The project aims to achieve complete decentralization by allowing the transparent community control over the use and distribution of funds, and by eliminating any Project-Centralized share of liquidity in transparent, predictable phases.

February 18th: ($BIRDS) BirdBot

The Birdbot platform aims to inspire a whole new generation of bird watchers, with a broad array of tools for research, activism, and sharing nature streams. The goal is to capture wildlife metrics that are key to conservation, and the project hopes to become the world’s largest AI-powered wildlife camera.

These new pools are all made possible thanks to Yieldly’s upgrade to TEAL 5 Smart Contracts, which improves mathematical precision, security, and internal logic.

Each project has been hand-selected as an example of the innovation currently occurring on Algorand. They represent just one week’s worth of our month-long commitment to foster liquidity and expand the Algorand DeFi ecosystem. Stay tuned for more.

Thank you for all your support. If you are a verified project wanting to launch staking pools on Yieldly, please email partnerships@yieldly.finance with as much information about your project as possible and we will be in touch shortly.

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