Pool Pledge Round-Up: Five New LPs To Dive Into for the Week of February 21

Another week, another round of liquidity pools to dip your toes in. Staying true to our pledge to launch by the end of February, we’re pleased to reveal the third batch of five new LPs going live this week on Yieldly.

February 21st: ($DPANDA)

First up, DopePanda. DopePanda is a content creation ecosystem for next-gen creators and aims to bridge DeFi and Crowdfunding with the Creator Economy. They’re aimeding to achieve this by leveraging the power of fractional NFTs and their unique approach to subscriptions, where creators can seamlessly share, monetize content and engage with their audience.

February 22nd: ($CURATOR)

Next up, Algo Curator — an unofficial, one-stop hub for all ASA and NFT creators. The site acts as an aggregator of Algorand resources. The team behind this project has put in consistent hard work to deliver free-to-access content for the Algorand Community. Fun fact: Algo Curator NFTs were initially featured on Yieldly’s popular NFT prize games back when they were first launched.

February 23rd: ($ACORN)

Then there’s Algonuts, often referred to as the original Algorand community token. Algonuts is used as a medium for creating NFTs such as Crypto Squirrels — the first generative, hand-drawn digital art NFT series on Algorand. Algonuts also focuses on improving the wildlife and environment, illustrated through their ACORNcares and NFTrees programs.

Acorn Token is the community’s premier NFT staking ASA, giving unique utility to respected “NFTrees” collections such as Al Goanna and M.N.G.O. The vision for the ecosystem is ambitious, ranging from developing a tokenized dApp suite, to bettering the world through NFT driven social initiatives.

February 24th: ($CRSD)

Our next pool is Crescendo. Crescendo is the first Algorand Solution that exists solely to help boost exposure for up-and-coming creators. The platform will enable budding artists and entrepreneurs to sell creative services, NFTs, MP3s, and more by utilizing a secure escrow system. Crescendo understands the challenges that freelance creators currently face and wants to tap into the power of cryptocurrency and the community to solve these issues and enhance the music-and-arts space.

February 25th: ($NEKOS)

Lastly is the Nekoin platform and NEKOS token. Nekoin, derived from the Japanese word “Neko” for cat, is a social good token that aims to support the community at large. Nekoin will be launching a causes-focused NFT marketplace later this year; their goal is to empower organizations to properly communicate their mission to buyers, artists to associate their art with altruism, and buyers to connect their NFT to supporting a cause.

In addition, Nekoin has donated to various charities worldwide, such as SPCA and World Animal Protection, and runs exciting giveaways for the community like art contests and treasure hunts. designed to be a fun token that will help power the entire ecosystem. The blockchain is built to be fast, cheap, and — best of all — carbon neutral. The network uses an equitable system to distribute NEKOS between liquidity pools, donations, community growth, and more.

All of these pools will leverage the benefits of Yieldly’s innovative to TEAL 5 Smart Contracts, bringing essential improvements to the mathematical precision and security of all native projects.

These projects form part of the innovative steps in moving the Algorand community forward and are the latest batch from our ongoing commitment to foster new liquidity and grow the Algorand DeFi ecosystem. This is the latest batch from our ongoing commitment to foster new liquidity and grow the Algorand DeFi ecosystem.

If you are a verified ASA project wanting to collaborate with Yieldly, please drop us an email at partnerships@yieldly.finance with as much information about your project as possible and we will be in touch shortly. Happy staking!

As always, keep your eyes on our , , , and for more updated!



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