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3 min readFeb 14, 2023

The yNFT No Loss Prize Game is back, and to start off we have a truly awesome Mostly Frens giveaway! While we appreciate all the generous offers from community members to give away one from their personal collections, the first week simply had to be a “Mostly Frens”. You love them, we love them, so prepare to enter now for your chance to win one!

Week 1 prize 🤩

Stake YLDY to Win Big with the NFT Prize Game on yNFT

The NFT Prize Game is a fun and exciting way to engage with our marketplace and increase your chances of winning big! Here’s how it works.

Stake YLDY to get tickets — The more YLDY staked, the more tickets received. This is the entry into the prize draw.

Hold the tickets — The longer tickets are held, the more entries it applies to in the draw. The number of tickets you receive count towards the number of entries you have, which will multiply the longer you hold them, up to 7 days. You will see a fixed set of tickets which doesn’t change, but how many entries they refer to will increase over time.

Check if you’re a winner: At the end of the week, head to the site, click “check if I’m a winner,” and if lucky enough to win, the user will have the option to claim their prize. If not, don’t worry! They can always stake for entry into the next draw.

Un-stake at any time: Users have the freedom to un-stake their YLDY at any time, which will cancel their tickets. But don’t worry, users can always re-stake and re-enter all the way up to the draw. Win or lose the stake is theirs.

Future prize games

Moving forward we are going to be running the prize game in two ways. We will predominantly be awarding NFTs which have been purchased for the purpose. However, once a month we will be doing a community giveaway. Here, one member of the community will donate a piece from their owned collection, we will do a community highlight and share more about the generous donor as well as the piece itself.

✅More attention to creators

✅More attention on the generous community

Head to yNFT to get involved here: https://ynft.club/nft-prize-game

Keep following for more

We have all this planned and so much more. Stay tuned for more updates on the NFT Prize Game and all the exciting things happening on yNFT.

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to reach out to us at ynftsupport@yieldly.finance or ynftfeedback@yieldly.finance, or use the feedback button on the bottom right of our site.

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