yLaunch — Progress report

2 min readDec 15, 2022

It has been a little over a month since our joint venture with Stasis labs was signed and the project began moving forward in earnest. With several projects already waiting in the wings for a 2023 release, we’ll be providing regular updates on the progress we’re making and where we see our timelines.

The first major milestone has already been achieved, with the core smart contracts behind yLaunch complete. The implementation of the user interface, which has been carefully designed with intuition and usability for users at its heart, is now underway, and we expect this aspect to be completed within the month.

Once the UI is ready, we can begin integrating it with the smart contracts, testing the platform, and any remaining tasks we come across.

We are currently aiming for a mid Q1 release depending on a number of factors.

To clearly summarise, here is what has been completed so far and what is yet to be done:


  • Joint Venture signed
  • User interface Designed
  • URL acquired and landing page set
  • Smart contract developed

In Progress:

  • Implementation of UI Design on staging
  • Smart contract UI integration
  • Initial UI test feedback


  • Nuggets SIC integration
  • Beta testing
  • More beta testing
  • Launch!

Next blog we will carry this list across so you can see the active progress being made.

As always, keep your eyes on our Twitter, Telegram Group, Announcements, and Discord for more updates!