yLaunch — Jan 9th Progress report

Welcome to 2023! We are excited to share the latest progress report for yLaunch with you!

We have now completed our UX feedback, with the latest changes now underway. Integration with some of the smart contracts has started, with one exciting update.

The staking section will be expanding to encompass a full suite, making yLaunch the new home for staking, allowing us to move one step closer to a single Defi suite servicing multiple needs. More details of this to come!

Great news though, our release schedule for Q1 is still on track, (despite adding a few extra tasks). We’re making steady progress and are excited that our next update will be following all UX feedback being incorporated.

This marks the beginning of a new phase of development, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.


In Progress:


Look out for our next progress report, where we’ll share how the integration is coming along and potentially your first chance to see a sneak peak at what the platform looks like.

As always, keep your eyes on our Twitter, Telegram Group, Announcements, and Discord for more updates!



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