yLaunch — February Progress Report

2 min readFeb 14, 2023

We are thrilled to provide an update on the ongoing development of yLaunch. Our collaboration with Stasis Labs continues to advance, and we are making significant strides towards our goal of delivering a comprehensive and user-friendly DeFi suite to the market.

To recap, the joint venture has been signed, the user interface has been designed, and the URL has been acquired and set up as a landing page. The core smart contracts have also been developed, and the implementation of the user interface is now complete. The integration of the smart contracts with the user interface is also complete, and we look forward to demonstrating the results of these efforts soon.

One of the most recent updates is the Nuggets SIC integration, which will bring a comprehensive and streamlined Know Your Customer (KYC) process to the platform. With this underway we can now share a little of the journey users will take through yLaunch.

yLaunch — A brief user journey

Selecting a project

From the landing page users browse the selection of projects available and select one that suits their interests. Once a user selects the project, they need to then opt-in to:

  1. The platform
  2. The contract
  3. The individual project.


Each project will have its own unique KYC. When a user KYCs on the selected project, this will take you to the Nuggets integration, where users complete the individual KYC process.


In which to participate in launches a user must stake a certain amount of YLDY to unlock increasing levels of allotment, users can assess their staking tier from the project, which will be based on the amount of YLDY they have staked. There are six tiers of YLDY staking, further details of which will be shared nearer the release of yLaunch. Staking itself does not require KYC.


Users are now ready to participate in the launch. With the simple selection of “participate” and the desired amount (capped by your staking tier), users can lock in their participation and monitor progress from the dashboard.


We look forward to sharing more soon, but to sum up, here is where we are right now:


✅Joint Venture signed

✅User interface Designed

✅URL acquired and landing page set

✅Smart contract developed

✅Implementation of UI Design on staging

✅Initial UI test feedback

✅Smart contract UI integration

In Progress:

✅Integrated UI test feedback

✅Nuggets SIC integration



➖Beta testing

➖More beta testing


Look out next for us presenting a first look at the platform in the next progress update.

Stay tuned for further updates via our Twitter, Telegram Group, Announcements, and Discord!