Yieldly’s Updated 2021/22 Roadmap Signals New Era of Cross-Chain Liquidity on Algorand

10 min readJul 30, 2021

One core vision underlies Yieldly’s updated roadmap: frictionless cross-chain liquidity.

On June 5, 2021, Algorand reached a critical milestone with the official launch of Yieldly’s DeFi product suite — the world’s first and only DeFi application designed and developed for the ecosystem. Since the launch of Yieldly’s first-generation products, the team has been quietly gearing up for the next critical build cycle. The coming months present an unbelievable (and continued) opportunity to scale Yieldly and eliminate friction points in DeFi. To that end, the team is delighted to unveil its updated 2021/22 roadmap and the upcoming second-generation product suite. The new roadmap is a logical expression of Yieldly’s goal of frictionless cross-chain liquidity. Strap in. This lengthy blog post provides a comprehensive breakdown of each upcoming product, so you can understand the incredible journey ahead. And if you’re curious about why Yieldly is building for the next phase of DeFi growth on Algorand, it’s captured here. Now let’s begin.

The journey so far

To appreciate what’s ahead, it’s important to reflect on Yieldly’s journey to date. The challenge of building mission-critical infrastructure on Algorand cannot be understated. The team is proud of what’s been achieved so far. Since Q1 2021, Yieldly has achieved key milestones and delivered multiple world-firsts, including:

New vs. old roadmap: what’s changed and why

Yieldly has updated its 2021/22 roadmap because the addressable scope is enlarging, TEAL 4 is allowing for more features, and untapped assets and markets are being leveraged to benefit users. In broad strokes, the new roadmap contrasts with the previous roadmap in four key ways:

  1. Firstly, the updated roadmap features dynamic staking pools and world-first bridge solutions (ASA-ERC20) for other projects (ASA, ERC-20 etc). On top of that, there are some more novel additions like ALGO purchasing on YLDY platform and integrating standardised NFTs on Algorand.
  2. Secondly, the updated roadmap now features an YLDY <> ALGO Swap, a real game changer slated for launch in Q1 2022. This product will pave the path for fully-fledged DeFi on Algorand, and bring a new level of freedom to the community.
  3. Thirdly, the updated roadmap now contains TEAL 4 product upgrades , since Yieldly’s vision requires smart contracts with even more complexity than at present. With Yieldly’s first-generation product suite (launched in June), the TEAL 3 contracts were often pushed to the brink of available functionality, forcing the team to make UX compromises in some areas. The recent rollout of TEAL 4, however, means better UX features and more sophisticated programs — without compromise.
  4. Finally, Yieldly’s product launch process will expand its user-centric approach. With a limited group of early adopters, Yieldly will collect user priorities and feedback in a proactive and structured manner. Product launches will also now involve staged rollouts that run through multiple phases. Yieldly wasn’t built in a day, but with lessons learned from Q2 2021, the team is unrelenting in its mission for seamless cross-chain value exchange.

Updated roadmap TL;DR: the future

Here’s a top-level list of launches slated for the next three quarters (2021–22). This TL;DR is then followed by a more detailed view of every product moment to come.

  • Dynamic, near instantaneous staking
  • Partner ASA Staking Pools (auto-compounding for same token pools) (TEAL 4)
  • ALGO purchase on App
  • Expanded ASA — ERC20 Bridge (TEAL 4)
  • Partner ASA — ERC20 Bridge (TEAL 4)
  • No-Loss Prize Game (TEAL 4)
  • Auto-compounding ASA Staking Pool (TEAL 4)
  • Multiple Winners Prize Program
  • YLDY — POLY Bridge (TEAL 4)
  • YLDY — BSC Bridge (TEAL 4)
  • YLDY <> ALGO Swap
  • Integrate standardised NFTs on Algorand

Detailed breakdown of the new roadmap

Partner ASA Staking Pools (auto-compounding for same token pools) (TEAL 4)

Timeline: Q3 2021

Dependencies: Public and internal audit. Timing for release is strongly dependent on the public auditor’s progress and timing. Partners TBA.

Work involved: TEAL 4 technical upgrade.

Yieldly will soon deliver the first Partner ASA Staking Pools on Algorand — a strategic alignment in its earliest innings. The team is eager to launch dynamic staking pools with every reputable and serious ASA project.

The goal is to help emerging ASA-based token projects expedite development, token utility, and user adoption on Algorand. Each partnership will activate two pools, the first of which enables you to stake YLDY to obtain the partner’s native token. The second pool enables you to stake obtain the partner’s partner’s native token.

With TEAL 4, when you stake in a same token pool, you get minute by minute rewards and auto-compounding pools. The second-generation pools (not limited to this partnership product) give you increased security, more compact functionality, and a better distribution scheme (reworked mathematics).

NFT Prizes

Timeline: Q3 2021

Dependencies: N/A

Work involved: Create (mint) NFTs on Algorand.

The market for and interest in NFTs is booming, and Yieldly’s weekly No-Loss Prize Game will soon expand its offering to include NFT Prizes. In addition to the big ALGO prize, the weekly winner will be rewarded with the digital ownership and scarcity provided by NFTs. Expect to see a lot of industry-first partnerships delivering these NFT Prizes. Yieldly’s reward-generating qualities, combined with provable scarce digital goods like NFTs, is a thrilling prospect.

ALGO Purchase on App

Timeline: Q3 2021

Dependencies: Partner TBA.

Work involved: App integration and onboarding.

A fully integrated truly global card-to-crypto services will soon be available on the Yieldly platform. You will be able to purchase ALGO with fiat currency directly on Yieldly.

The addition of ALGO support is another step towards a truly user-centric experience on Yieldly, one which significantly lowers the entry barrier. It’s a simple yet powerful addition that shows how crypto as a payment option is beginning to move towards the mainstream.

Expanded ASA — ERC20 Bridge (TEAL 4)

Timeline: Q3 2021

Dependencies: Public and internal audit. Timing for release is strongly dependent on the public auditor’s progress and timing.

Work involved: TEAL 4 technical upgrade.

Yieldly’s world-first ASA — ERC20 bridge (launched in June) will undergo a TEAL 4 technical upgrade, setting the new standard for Algorand cross-chain interoperability. Current iterations are in progress, but the TEAL 4 contracts already show a much more promising user experience. Some extensive backend services will likely need to be upgraded to match the new TEAL 4 contracts. There will be clear communications from the team and some downtime to execute the upgrade, but the TEAL 4 upgrade will not affect user flow in any significant way.

Partner ASA — ERC20 Bridge (TEAL 4) (beta launch)

Timeline: Q3 2021

Dependencies: Public and internal audit. Timing for release is strongly dependent on the public auditor’s progress and timing. Partners TBA.

Work involved: TEAL 4 technical upgrade. Onboarding process with ongoing maintenance. Create partner’s wrapped ERC20 token.

Yieldly’s world-first ASA-ERC20 bridge will soon enable other projects’ native tokens to travel seamlessly between Algorand and Ethereum. By onboarding other projects onto Yieldly’s ASA-ERC20 TEAL 4 bridge contracts, those projects can scale and further solve the interoperability issue in DeFi.

Yieldly will calibrate the ASA-ERC20 bridge to partners’ native tokens and maintain them via internal validators. At all times, the partner’s circulating supply is balanced, so there’s no leakage of their native token as it travels back and forth between Ethereum and Algorand. A current list of projects secured for the bridge TBA.

Yieldly’s proven cross-chain solution, developed in-house, is something that has eluded all other better funded organisations to date. The bridge product is fast, final, and secure, with 100 transactions validated simultaneously per chain. The team is now ready and excited to share it with other projects.

No-Loss Prize Game (TEAL 4) (beta launch)

Timeline: Q4 2021

Dependencies: Public and internal audit. Timing for release is strongly dependent on the public auditor’s progress and timing.

Work involved: TEAL 4 technical upgrade. Migration strategy for existing No-Loss Prize Game (TEAL 3) users.

Yieldly will upgrade its rewards-bearing No-Loss Prize Game with TEAL 4 contracts. The team will announce a clear migration strategy and give existing users ample warning to move from the first generation contracts (TEAL 3) and relocate to the second-generation contracts (TEAL 4). Migration is necessary because the rewards distribution in the first generation No-Loss Prize Game will be shut down, incentivising users to migrate nice and early.

Auto-compounding ASA Staking Pool (TEAL 4)

Timeline: Q4, 2021

Dependencies: Public and internal audit. Timing for release is strongly dependent on the public auditor’s progress and timing.

Work involved: TEAL 4 technical upgrade. Migration strategy for existing YLDY Pool (TEAL 3) users.

Stake YLDY with the benefit of TEAL 4 contracts — a major improvement over its predecessor TEAL 3. With this new generation of YLDY-YLDY staking pools, you can enjoy minute by minute rewards, auto-compounding, increased security.

The TEAL 4 technical upgrade will require a migration strategy. Those who staked in the first generation YLDY pool will be guided on how to leave and thus join the TEAL 4 staking contracts. The team’s safe opting/closeout logic will enable existing users to clear their account and enter different pools without needing to make a new account. The migration is necessary because the rewards distribution will stop after a certain period of time (with ample warning), and those rewards will then be moved to the new generation of pools.

Multiple Winners Program

Timeline: Q4 2021

Dependencies: Public and internal audit.

Work involved: TEAL 4 technical upgrade.

Yieldly will implement a Multiple Winners Program for the No-Loss Prize Game TEAL 4 contracts. This development was not reasonably feasible with the prior limited contract sizes of TEAL 3. With TEAL 4, Yieldly’s new and fairer rewards distribution model replaces the original one-winner approach in the weekly ALGO staking pool. This answers the community’s request for multiple winners.

The Multiple Winners Program reduces whales’ ability to dilute other participants’ chances, and makes each participant’s chances of winning three times higher (depending on size of the stake). The three winners will be selected via the following tiered system:

  • Gold prize winner is selected from all ticket holders, who receives 70% of the accrued rewards.
  • Silver prize winner selected from the mid range of ALGO staking (up to $100k ALGO staked), who receives 20% of the accrued rewards.
  • Bronze prize winner selected from the lower range of ALGO staking (up to $10k ALGO staked), who receives 10% of the accrued rewards.

YLDY — POLY Bridge

Timeline: Q4 2021

Dependencies: Public and internal audit.

Work involved: TEAL 4 technical upgrade. Create wrapped token for Polygon.

The world-first Polygon extension demonstrates Yieldly’s desire to enhance interoperability across blockchains, not just Ethereum. The team is not interested in the ‘ war of blockchains ‘. Instead, Yieldly’s two-way balanced swap function serves to break further confines and unite ecosystems. With an ASA-POLY bridge natively integrated into Yieldly’s Algorand-based platform, you can leverage Polygon’s layer 2 solution and explosive growth whilst enjoying full interoperability.

YLDY — BSC Bridge (TEAL 4)

Timeline: Q4 2021

Dependencies: Public and internal audit.

Work involved: TEAL 4 technical upgrade. Create wrapped token for new chain.

Bridging Algorand to other ecosystems and expanding the addressable network has always been one of Yieldly’s key objectives. The goal is to leverage Yieldly’s sophisticated bridge build in TEAL 4, and adjoin it to Binance Smart Chain. For each new bridge to a particular protocol, wrapped YLDY tokens are minted and placed into vaults on the new chain. The only way to obtain those tokens is via Yieldly’s bridge validators.


Timeline: Q1 2022

Dependencies: Two public audits and one internal.

Work involved: Write and test TEAL 4 contracts. Develop frontend.

The community has been eagerly waiting for the ability to buy and sell YLDY and ALGO directly on the Yieldly platform. Akin to the creation of an Automated Market Maker (AMM), Yieldly’s upcoming YLDY <> ALGO Swap will be a fast, secure, and cheap token swapping system. Soon, you will be able to create and trade against a liquidity pool with ASA tokens, starting with YLDY and ALGO, and leverage composability with their deposits.

Why does this product require two public audits, not one? A significant contribution to the Algorand ecosystem deserves more than one set of eyes, particularly because of the amount of moving parts required to get this product right. The YLDY <> ALGO Swap will be the team’s biggest challenge and feat on the roadmap.

The core devs are still scoping out the best build, and how to bridge the gap between technology and real-life usage. Uniswap is definitely a major source of inspiration, but variations are fast-evolving. Accordingly, customisation TBC.

Integrate standardised NFTs on Algorand

Timeline: Q1 2022

Dependencies: Public audit and internal audit.

Work involved: Research and test feasibility of standardising NFTs.

Currently there is a strong demand for NFTs on Algorand, but there is not yet a formal standard for ASA NFTs. This is a hurdle for the maturation of the Algorand ecosystem and adoption by new entrants. Yieldly seeks to build upon whichever NFT standard is eventually built by Algorand ecosystem participants, one which eliminates the laborious requirement of users having to opt-in to every ASA NFT.

The team notes that this is a non-trivial technology undertaking by ecosystem partners. Accordingly, the team will work with the leading participants to integrate the standard for NFTs for Yieldly’s Esports partners and others.

Final word

If you made it all the way through this post, thank you and kudos! The team will be publishing more information about many of the second-generation products in the coming weeks. As always, please follow Yieldly’s socials to stay on top of the latest news. The team is forever grateful for the community’s interest and support.

Originally published at https://yieldly.finance on July 30, 2021.