Yieldly (YLDY) Lands Listing on Digital Asset Exchange Bitrue

The people have spoken (via BTR Voting) — Yieldly’s native token, YLDY (ASA version), will be launching on the popular cryptocurrency exchange and management platform Bitrue. Community backing is key to getting the attention of top exchanges like Bitrue, and we thank you for the overwhelming show of support!

The Algorand-supported listing comes as a welcome addition to the multiple exchanges that YLDY is listed on, including MEXC Global, Zipmex, and Bitmart (slated for late February). The Bitrue launch will come in the form of a YLDY/USDT pairing, meaning 4 million registered users will be able to easily purchase the asset with Tether and begin accessing the Algorand ecosystem.

  • Deposit already commenced with BTR’s Voting for YLDY — 16 February
  • Trading begins: 1100 UTC — 17 February
  • Withdrawal begins: 1100 UTC — February 18

What is Bitrue?

Launched in 2018, Bitrue is a top 15 cryptocurrency exchange that provides comprehensive and secure digital asset management through a streamlined, user-friendly interface.

The platform emphasizes usability, security, and affordable trades for all users. Based in Singapore, the company was built by a group of digital finance experts, cybersecurity specialists, and blockchain developers.

The exchange currently boasts 904 different pairings, utilizing 482 unique assets and a daily trading volume of over $2 billion. With trading fees below 0.1%, it’s no wonder that Bitrue has become so popular with all levels of cryptocurrency traders.

Bringing Yieldly to more users than ever before

With the new listing, Yieldly will benefit from Bitrue’s global scale, resources, and strong existing audiences. Leveraging the accessibility of the Bitrue platform stands to make the YLDY token even more functional and frictionless for new users, professionals, and anyone else who wants the best possible cryptocurrency experience.

YLDY is the most versatile asset available on Algorand and allows users to provide liquidity and generate multi-asset rewards through staking on the Yieldly platform. For example, in just the last 8 days, Yieldly has launched a whopping 10 new parter pools (in both staking and liquidity pool form). This fresh new listing is the cherry on top, and shows us the power of the community and Yieldly technology.

Again, we thank you for the support, and look forward to welcoming new users through this new listing.

As always, keep your eyes on our Twitter, Telegram Group, Announcements, and Discord for more updated!



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