Yieldly Unveils Staking Options for Play-2-Earn NFT Card Game Alchemon

2 min readApr 25, 2022

Yieldly is pleased to announce an all new addition to its fast growing list of staking pools — Alchemon, the world’s first play-to-earn (P2E) NFT Card Game built atop the Algorand blockchain. To elaborate, Alchemon is a monster-collecting NFT staking, crafting, and trading card project allowing users to accrue a wide array of incentives seamlessly.

A closer look at the Alchemon partnership

As part of the collaboration, Yieldly users will be able to stake YLDY tokens and get Alchecoin (ALCH). Users can also stake their YLDY/ALCH LP tokens in order to reap rewards in the form of YLDY.

The two pools will be active for a period of 30 days. Akin to previous Yieldly staking partnerships, these listings are meant to help expand the utility of the Algorand network by unlocking value in relation to new, upcoming projects.

What is Alchemon?

Alchemon is the world’s first monster-based NFT staking, crafting and trading card game that has been devised atop the Algorand network. In terms of its operational design, players can breed, raise, evolve Alchemon — which can later be sold via the platform’s native marketplace — as well as craft various in-game adventures. Users also have the ability to create their very own “legendary’’ Alchemon while completing various missions to earn AlcheCoins.

AlcheCoin is the native governance token of the Alchemon ecosystem. It is not only distributed as weekly rewards to Alchemon’s NFT card holders but is used to facilitate a wide range of interactions taking place within the game as well as acquiring future assets.

Clifford Cannon, CEO of Alchemon, said: “As a day-one Yieldly staker, I couldn’t be happier to be on their platform. Watching Yieldly create a product and culture from nothing has been very inspiring. I don’t think Alchemon would exist today without the success of Yieldly and the culture of NFTs it has inspired.”

Yieldly’s foray into the GameFi sector will play a major role in incentivizing the growth of not only individual Algorand Standard Assets (ASA) but the Algorand ecosystem as a whole.

If you are a verified ASA project wanting to collaborate with Yieldly, please drop us an email at partnerships@yieldly.finance with as much information about your project as possible and we will be in touch shortly. Happy staking!

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