Yieldly Roadmap Update: NFT Marketplace, LP Pools, Auto-compounding, Governance + More

10 min readNov 24, 2021

It feels like forever since our June launch when we introduced the world’s first DeFi suite to Algorand. It’s also been a hot minute since we released our last product roadmap update. Time flies when you’re hurtling at full flambo speed! We’ve kept our heads down — rapidly building out our product offering and releasing a steady stream of protocol improvements. But we can understand the community deserves an update on Yieldly’s short to mid term plans. With all our new contracts currently under audit and Christmas a month away, it’s the perfect time to reveal our extended roadmap for 2021/22.

Our new product roadmap features, among other things, a creator-driven NFT marketplace, liquidity mining pools, auto-compounding, governance, end-to-end automated launchpad, and NFT staking. All the independent audits for these products are either done or nearing completion.

Very soon, our multiple product releases will culminate into the platform we have been building since day one: a one-stop protocol with use-cases to fulfil the vital roles in a healthy DeFi ecosystem. We intend to continue to rapidly scale so that DeFi, Web 3.0 and NFT ecosystems can flourish on Algorand. Then, and with efforts already underway, we will repeat the same formula of success on other blockchains.

Read on if you want a rundown of some of Yieldly’s roadmap items yet to be completed. Please note that the roadmap (below) and this blog post do not include partnerships planned or the launches we can’t reveal yet. We also can’t advertise release dates or promise that pivots won’t occur in the fast world of crypto. Hence, if you’re familiar with our previous roadmap, you’ll notice our new roadmap no longer contains new cross-chain bridge extensions. This is because our present Algorand<>Ethereum bridge is Yieldly’s least-used product, by a significant degree. We cater to our users first and foremost and will prioritise the tech builds in high demand. With those prefaces aside, let’s get in-depth.

Roadmap Deconstructed

NFT Marketplace (Algorand)

Timeline: Q4 2021

Dependencies: Smart contracts connected to the front end.

Work involved: External and internal audit.

We weren’t kidding when we said Yieldly was actively building out its NFT infrastructure. Meet our creator-driven NFT Marketplace.

Algorand is currently home to ~100k live ASA NFTs. However, Algorand historically lacks the sophisticated minting tools that other blockchain ecosystems enjoy. That’s why we decided to build our own solution for Algorand.

We are proud to be the first established player in the space to deliver a marketplace that lets you easily and securely mint, sell, exchange, buy and auction ASA NFTs. Unlike other existing galleries, Yieldly’s marketplace provides critical creator and curator tools such as auctions. Our marketplace has its own dedicated IPFS gateway, and supports the leading NFT standards — ARC3 and ARC69. Any ASA NFT is interoperable with our marketplace, regardless of where it is minted. Expect one-of-a-kind offerings, featuring top artist collaborations exclusively available on our marketplace.

Liquidity Provider (LP) Pools (TEAL 5)

Timeline: Q4 2021

Dependencies: External and internal audit (ETA week 2 december from Halborn and Runtime Verification).

Work involved: External and internal audit.

Our TEAL 5 Liquid Provider (LP) pools are the soon-to-be primary source of DeFi rewards on Yieldly and Algorand. This product means that people stalking on AMMs can use the rewards that accrue there (the LP tokens) and stake those tokens on Yieldly’s platform. This incentivises people to provide liquidity for AMMs and thus supercharges TVL for the ecosystem. Yieldly’s world-first LP pools on Algorand are a win-win solution for Yieldly, other projects and ASA token holders. We will launch three world-first LP pools:

  1. Native Pool (e.g. XET / ALGO)
  2. Joint Pool (e.g. XET / YLDY)
  3. YLDY Pool (e.g. YLDY / ALGO)

Our ASA / YLDY pairs will ensure YLDY is the baseline for other tokens and the most useful pairing in the ecosystem. An opportunity for Yieldly to expand its market coverage even more. Whilst our staking pools in early 2021 were just the starting point, our LP pools are the main event.

Auto-compounding ASA Staking Pools (TEAL 5)

Timeline: Q4 2021

Dependencies: External and internal audit (ETA 2nd week December from Halborn and Runtime Verification).

Work involved: TEAL 5 technical upgrade.

Start accruing auto-compounded tokens exclusively on Yieldly, home of the highest rewards on Algorand. Our new pools will leverage all the benefits of TEAL 5, the latest version of Algorand’s smart contract language. These pools remove all complexities such as re-staking and reward withdrawals. Expect ease of use, more compact functionality, and a better distribution scheme (reworked mathematics). No assets sitting idle here.

Fair Distribution via Staking Pools (TEAL 5)

Timeline: Q4 2021

Dependencies: External audit. Partners TBA.

Work involved: TEAL 5 technical upgrade.

Our TEAL 5 staking pools are a core offering in our launchpad project incubation line. With this product, projects can incentivise active community members with fair distributed rewards. Plus, stakers will enjoy auto-compounding for same-token staking.

Our TEAL 5 staking pools will follow the same twofold structure as our v1 pools: First pool — stake YLDY to generate the partner’s token. Second pool — same-token staking with the partner’s token.

We anticipate our staking options to continue to grow. Large enough that you may be overwhelmed by choice. For projects interested, please email hello@yieldly.finance. We are big believers in cooperation, not competition.

TEAL 5 Audit by Halborn

Timeline: Q4 2021

Dependencies: Independent security audit.

Work involved: Migration once audit complete.

We always ensure Yieldly’s code goes through multiple reviews and audits and ample testing before going live. We have once again enlisted the help of world-class security firm, Halborn, to audit our latest TEAL implementation.

Unlike many developer projects, we do not fork smart contracts. We build our own tech from the ground up, audited by market-leading security professionals. This gives us a competitive edge when delivering safe, resilient blockchain code.

YLDY listed on Zipmex

Timeline: Q4 2021

Dependencies: 3rd party dependencies (i.e. Zipmex).

Work involved: N/A

A new exchange listing for YLDY ERC20. This time on Zipmex, a leading crypto exchange in Asia. It’s worth mentioning that this listing will deliver the world’s first Thai Baht pair for an Algorand project.

Yieldly and Zipmex’s partnership is a dynamic one. Just last month, Zipmex’s Zlaunch went live for the first time, and YLDY was its inaugural token project. On day one of Zlaunch, 2M ZMT ($3.6M USD) was staked by 3.5k users to receive YLDY.

Our team is working hard to secure new exchange listings for every quarter going forward.

Integrate Standardised NFTs on Algorand

Timeline: Q4 2021

Dependencies: Public audit and internal audit.

Work involved: Research and test feasibility of standardising NFTs.

Nothing new to say here except that we will be completing this roadmap item earlier than expected (previously slated for Q1 2022). As explained in our last roadmap post, Algorand has no formal standard for ASA NFTs. This is a hurdle for the maturation of the NFT Algorand ecosystem. Our team has been working around the clock to solve this.

Launchpad Project Incubation

Timeline: Q1 2022

Dependencies: Launchpad projects TBA.

Work involved: Basically the concoction of technical services (liquidity locking, fair distribution, LP pools) and whatever value-add services we can provide (e.g. hands-on support and guidance).

Yieldly, the first vertically integrated launchpad on Algorand, is actively working with DeFi and NFT projects yet to launch. When screening projects to place into our incubator, we think about what makes a healthy ecosystem on Algorand. The team will nurture selected projects throughout the startup phase, providing them with all the necessary tools, resources, and technical services. On top of that, we will assist those projects with valuable network connections, fundraising, marketing/PR and mentorship. Any interested ASA startups, please email hello@yieldly.finance.

Governance Token

Timeline: Q1 2022

Dependencies: N/A

Work involved: Mint and distribute token.

There’s a governance token waiting to be minted and it’s called iYLDY. iYLDY will grant voting rights towards Yieldly. The new token will enable holders to propose governance actions, modify various parameters, and arrive at consensus.

Anyone who has interacted with Yieldly’s dapps before the drop will be entitled to our governance token. We will airdrop a certain amount of iYLDY tokens to all who opted in. That amount will be based on the user’s historic usage of our platform prior to this article release.


Timeline: Q1 2022

Dependencies: N/A

Work involved: Contract development and frontend development.

Our team is excited to be the first project to launch a reward-based governance system on Algorand.

Governance is a core building block in DeFi, and we know there’s strong demand for this roadmap item. We are blessed with one of the most highly engaged communities on Algorand. Very soon, Yieldly will benefit from stronger on-chain feedback loops and voting mechanisms.

Community ASA Staking Pools (chosen via governance)

Timeline: Q1 2022

Dependencies: N/A

Work involved: Frontend development.

Our future pool partners will soon be partially in the hands of our on-chain governance system. In other words, our users.

A few months ago, we said we would be eager to launch dynamic staking pools with every reputable and serious project on ASA. We believe the community should decide who meets that criteria.

On-chain voting proposals for all potential pool partners will proceed as follows:

  1. Stake (i.e. vote) with our governance token (iYLDY) in the governance pool.
  2. After governance for that specific proposal ends and consensus has been reached, withdraw your deposit and the rewards from staking it.

VIP NFT Prize Games

Timeline: Q1 2022

Dependencies: Professional artists.

Work involved: New frontend development.

Our VIP NFT Prize Games will run alongside our original NFT No-Loss Prize Games. The main difference is that the VIP NFT Prize Games will exclusively showcase premium single edition NFTs by professional artists. For professional artists, the beauty of this new breed of prize games will lie within the commission they receive from the higher entry fee for users. Users will receive staking rewards plus have the opportunity to win high value NFTs each week. Best of both worlds. Professional artists are invited to submit their interest to nft@yieldly.finance.


Timeline: Q1 2022

Dependencies: Production supply.

Work involved: Design apparel line. Make online purchase available.

With thanks to our wonderful community, we can begin 2022 in true style. Our talented creative team is working hard behind the scenes to design dazzling merchandise. Expect merch embroidered with the community’s favourite lines: Flambos not lambos, spicy DeFi, #yieldlyganggang, and so on. To show our appreciation, we will also be surprising a number of community members with swag.

NFT Artists Hall of Fame

Timeline: Q1 2022

Dependencies: N/A

Work involved: Launch new webpage.

NFT artists showcased on Yieldly deserve to be celebrated in more ways than one. In addition to spotlighting community artists’ work via our NFT Prize Games and giveaways, we will feature artist profiles on our website. This goes hand-in-hand with our recent post directed to all the Algorand NFT artists who reached out to us.

Verified Liquidity Swap Integration

Timeline: Q1 2022

Dependencies: N/A

Work involved: Integrate Tinyman (Algorand AMM) link.

Access decentralising trading, verified by Yieldly. Trying a new decentralised trading protocol can often feel scary, especially in a time when DeFi scams feel like a regular occurrence. Yieldly makes it a little less scary by integrating verified Tinyman links into our user interface. It’s a simple addition that fits perfectly with our own position as a hub for liquidity on Algorand.

NFT Staking (EVM chain)

Timeline: Q2 2022

Dependencies: Production supply.

Work involved: Research and development, smart contract development, frontend development.

Yieldly’s NFT staking product will push the boundaries of standard DeFi liquidity mining. This unique value capture mechanism unlocks new liquidity and NFT utility. NFT owners or creators can stake unique and desirable NFTs, to thus generate a new exclusive stream of rewards. Due to the NFT ecosystem and technology on Algorand still being in infancy stages, we are electing to pilot this system on EVM chains.

Liquidity Locking

Timeline: Q2 2022

Dependencies: N/A

Work involved: Contract development and frontend development.

Liquidity locking is a core offering in our launchpad project incubation line. This product will allow projects to delegate control of their vaults to our secure and bespoke smart contracts, thus ensuring they do not drain liquidity arbitrarily. Liquidity locking will increase users’ trust in projects and drive further credibility into tokens. Our product will enable lock splitting, incremental locks, and ownership transfer.

ALGO purchase on App

Timeline: Q2 2022

Dependencies: Partner integrated with ASA and ALGO.

Work involved: App integration and onboarding.

A fully integrated truly global card-to-crypto service will be another meaningful addition to our platform. While we haven’t hit any significant roadblocks in the development, the process of finding a provider that can adequately integrate their tech into Algorand has proven a challenge. We have narrowed down some partners and will work with them over the next quarter to get them ready.

We don’t want a repeat of what we have experienced with certain CEXs that can’t be delivered, so we are troubleshooting more directly with partners. We note that this is a new timeframe. We appreciate that everyone is super excited for increased accessibility and internationality for transactions. We apologise for the short delay, but it’s better to deliver quality than a partner announcement with an unachievable timeline.

End-to-end Automated Launchpad

Timeline: Q3 2022

Dependencies: All individual components need to be completed and system workflow finalised.

Work involved: Integration of individual modules, frontend development, auditing and testing.

‘If it can be automated, it should be automated’. This is the philosophy behind our end-to-end automated launchpad, which is a compilation of individual systems.

The first complete functional solution on Algorand, designed to serve every aspect of a project’s needs. Our suite of decentralised products enables projects to distribute tokens and raise liquidity via multiple automated avenues (e.g. liquidity locking, IDO, fair distribution, LP pools).

Yieldly Analytics

Timeline: Q3 2022

Dependencies: N/A

Work involved: Backend and dashboard development initially.

Our landing page will showcase the metrics that matter to our community, including historical information such as TVL, users and transactions. Knowledge is power, and we want our community to be fully-informed when it comes to our protocol’s fundamentals.

Final Word

Our roadmap paints a very bright near future for all involved. As always, we thank the community for making it all possible.

We will be releasing more details on the blog about many of our roadmap items in the coming weeks and months. If you haven’t already, join our Twitter, Telegram Group and Announcements, and Discord channel to become part of the conversation.