3 min readNov 30, 2022

Yieldly partners with Maricoin — A leading LGBT+ community focused project.

Yieldly is continuing strong momentum through the bear market with its latest partnership — Maricoin. Maricoin is the cryptocurrency created by and for the LGBT+ community. It is positioned as a means of payment that materialises the value and the struggle of the LGBT+ collective.

The Partnership At A Glance

This new partnership with Maricoin will be among the first projects to launch an ICO through yLaunch, the latest product from Algorand’s leading DeFi suite — Yieldly. Following their ICO, Maricoin is also set to drop a 180 day trifecta of staking pools on Yieldly’s DeFi app. Pools available to the community include entry, distribution and an LP pool.

Via leveraging Yieldly’s staking pools Maricoin is providing a fantastic opportunity for the community to get involved in such a socially conscious project from the outset. As Yieldly continues to build a full suite of products and services on Algorand, the opportunities for collaboration with Maricoin are set to be innovative & ongoing.

Maricoin on yNFT

Highlighting the depth of our partnership, Maricoin will also be launching an LGBT+ NFT art campaign on yNFT. A proportion of all sales will be donated to numerous LGBT+ charities including the well-known Stonewall Foundation. The remaining proportion will be sent to the LGBT+ artist.

In light of ongoing & recent social oppression faced by the LGBT+ community, Yieldly is proud to support the Maricoin NFT launch for LGBT+ charities during the celebration of the World Cup Qatar 2022, in a bid to increase awareness around their current social battles — a struggle that is very personal to both, the Yieldly and the Maricoin team.

Maricoin strives to be extremely active in providing support to their community in need via benefit models that dedicate 20% of tokens to LGBT associations through staking; plus a further 3% to visibility actions that are managed by the LGBT associations. Maricoin go even further in charitable action by using an additional 2% of tokens for projects in need of on-demand liquidity.

Leading thoughts

Juan Belmonte, founder & president at Maricoin stated that “In aid of LGTBI diversity and respect in the world of sport, we are proud to launch with Yieldly a collection of NFTs in collaboration with the entire art world, to help bring diversity in sport to be seen and normalised around the world.”

Furthermore Paco Álvarez, founder & CEO at the company, pointed out that “our strategic alliance with Yieldly goes beyond digitizing the art of our LGBT community: we will offer, together, three staking systems on their platform for our maricoiners, we will launch our ICO on Yieldly, and we will enshrine together one of Algorand’s founding principles, which goes beyond its technical advantages: supporting a more sustainable, more diverse, more equal and fairer world”.

This sentiment was echoed by Yieldly founder & CEO Sebastian Quinn, “Freedom of speech and expression is important. We are glad to be able to partner with Maricoin to further their ambition to support LGBTQI+ causes across the world.”

If you are a project looking to be featured on yLaunch, get in touch with us at partnerships@yieldly.finance with as many details as possible about your project and our team will be in touch shortly.

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