Yieldly Partners With CryptoTrees To Offset CO2

3 min readOct 10, 2022

This month, Yieldly is joining forces with CryptoTrees, a blockchain project dedicated to planting trees, saving forests, and assisting in the fight against climate change.

CryptoTrees NFTs will be available for sale on yNFT, Yieldly’s NFT marketplace on Algorand. This means that users will have easier access than ever to these assets, which represent the actual planting of trees as well as a specific carbon offset. To celebrate the launch and help aid in the global warming battle, yNFT will be hosting a week-long promotion to see just how many of these assets can be sold, and hence how many tonnes of CO2 they can offset.

Who Are CryptoTrees?

CryptoTrees is an environmental cryptocurrency endeavour that allows users to participate in a variety of initiatives all designed to contribute to the fight against climate change. To date, CryptoTrees has contributed to planting almost 100,000 trees across the world. While their current focus is built specifically around NFTs, they have a broader vision for the long-term.

One of these will see CryptoTrees launching an online shop that will accept TREES tokens as currency. There is also work in progress to host a global tree map where users can earn additional tokens by visiting actual trees in the real world, and uploading their coordinates and interesting information, so that others may visit them as well.

The core purpose of this effort is to raise the funds necessary to allow for trees to be planted all across the world. CryptoTrees offers a couple of different collections for users to augment their carbon footprint. One comes in the form of eight unique “3D Tree” NFTs, each one represented by a model of a different type of tree, and is representative of a specific number of trees planted.

There is also CryptoTree’s “Carbon Offset” NFTs, which offer much larger impacts and represent the total amount of carbon being offset for an entire year. These come in three tiers, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Bronze offers the equivalent of offsetting one person’s carbon impact for a single year and costs $150 USDC, Silver represents 5 people for $725 USDC, and Gold stands in for 100 people at a price of $14,000 USDC. To coincide with this promotion with Yieldly, CryptoTrees is offering these carbon offset NFTs at half price!

In addition to helping the environment, holding each of these NFTs grants the user benefits and special perks. While still being sorted out, these will include special access to future events and platforms, occasional airdrops, and more. Furthermore, holders of the 3D Trees NFTs can also stake them to earn additional TREES tokens.

Yieldly, yNFT Is Committed to Help

Because of this listing and Yieldly’s commitment to the cause, during the week of 10th October 2022 it will be hosting a promotion to sell as many Carbon Offset NFTs on yNFT as possible. Literally, the more of these assets that can be moved, the more trees will be planted and the more carbon can be sequestered.

Yieldly is working hard to expand Algorand’s carbon-negative blockchain and ecosystem, and partnering with CryptoTrees is a powerful step forward in doing just that. We will continue to add important and exciting partners in the coming months and years. If you want to stay up to date with everything Yieldly, keep your eyes on our social pages for the latest updates — Twitter, Telegram Group, Announcements, and Discord.