Yieldly Forges Partnership With KryptoNurd, Launching New Staking Pools and NFT Prize Games

3 min readFeb 22, 2022

Today, Yieldly is thrilled to reveal a brand-new addition to the growing list of staking pools powered by our TEAL 5 smart contracts. The latest pools come in from our partnership with the Algorand news and information site, KryptoNurd, and their loyalty token, NURD.

Fresh off the NURD launch on February 23rd (1pm AEDT), two new staking options will be made available on February 24th on Yieldly — for users to generate rewards via NURD. We are also launching a NURD variation on our popular NFT No-Loss Prize Games, so make sure you stake some YLDY for a chance to win specially curated Yieldly Nurds!

Here’s the info on these exciting new opportunities, only available on Yieldly. Note that the new pools both have 60-day staking windows:

  1. LP Pool: Stake YLDY/NURD LP tokens, and you’ll generate YLDY in return.
  2. General Staking Pool: Stake your YLDY, and you’ll receive NURD as a reward.
  3. NFT Prize Games: Stake YLDY, and you’ll be entered for a chance to win special Yieldly NURDS NFTs, created especially for this audience (remember to claim your NFT Prize Game tickets!).

All three reward opportunities will be available starting on February 24th, only on Yieldly’s ever-growing DeFi platform.

About KryptoNurd

Named after the crypto personality and Algorand stalwart of the same moniker, KryptoNurd produces media and content to both support and educate about the Algorand ecosystem. Topics range from Algorand news and project reviews to more general information about community building. The goal is to find new projects and help them gain broader attention, educate newcomers, and offer useful onramps for any companies wanting to enter into the Algorand market.

Monty Allen (aka KryptoNurd), creator of KryptoNurd, said: “The Yieldly platform allows for smaller projects such as NURD to exist. We really wouldn’t be able to manage a large-scale launch without their team, and now thousands of community members can earn NURD without us having to negotiate large drops, worry about liquidity pool issues, or deal with early bad actors due to unequal distribution.”

The NURD Token

NURD is the native token for the KryptoNurd community. Tokens are given as rewards for community engagement, including creating blog posts, event participation, project reviews, and educational videos. NURD tokens can be exchanged for items such as NFTs, KryptoNurd promotional clothing, and brand merchandise.

NURD will start as a simple loyalty token designed to reward those consistently engaging with the Algorand community. As the network grows and the user base expands, the token will also allow exclusive access to projects featured by the KryptoNurd team.

Yieldly is committed to continuing in its crucial role of incentivizing the growth of not only individual Algorand Standard Assets (ASA) but the Algorand ecosystem as a whole. Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!

Yieldly will soon announce more liquidity partners; if you are an ASA looking to collaborate, email us at partnerships@yieldly.finance.

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