Yieldly Feature Update: ALGO & NFT No-Loss Prize Games

2 min readMar 3, 2022


Following our earlier migration post and founder’s note where we first talked about winding down our ALGO No-Loss Prize Games in favor of progressing towards a product which will be in line with Algorand governance rewards, here are some feature updates which may affect you.

With that context, here’s what you need to know.

1. ALGO No-Loss Prize Games

By Friday 4 March, the “Stake ALGO and Get Tickets” function will be removed from the ALGO No-Loss Prize Games page. Along with this, the YLDY rewards on staked ALGO will also end. We highly recommend that users withdraw any staked ALGO at the earliest opportunity as any tokens staked in the ALGO No-Loss Prize Games contract will not be generating any rewards. If you have staked any of your ALGO in the prize games contract, please make sure that you claim your YLDY rewards and withdraw your ALGO.

As promised, Yieldly will continue to support the claim/withdrawal feature for users to claim any YLDY rewards and withdraw any staked ALGO until there are no more user tokens remaining.

2. NFT No-Loss Prize Games

The last round of NFT No-loss Prize Games (Draw 93–95) closed on Wednesday 2 March and there will be no more draw tickets available for the time being. Due to an imminent update of our back-end distribution mechanism and system, the navigation tab and feature will also be removed from the Yieldly interface by Friday 4 March.

For those of you who have entered into Draws 93–95, fret not! You will still be eligible for Draw 93–95 once we relaunch, based on the tickets you have already committed in this round.

The NFT No-Loss Prize Games will resume as before once our team has updated the feature. Do stay tuned for when we relaunch it! We expect this to be done in the coming weeks. If you have submitted your NFTs to Yieldly and have any questions regarding this interim period, please reach out to nft@yieldly.finance .

Many changes for the better are happening here at Yieldly and it will be a big couple of weeks as we get in shape for the next stage of our progress. As always, please feel free to keep in touch with us on our socials and ask for help if you encounter any difficulties. We thank all our users and community members for your continued support and ask for your patience and understanding as we navigate to the bigger and better us!

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