Yieldly Corners the Esports Market in Dual Partnership with BOOM Esports and Fact Revolution

Yieldly is thrilled to announce partnerships with not one but two titans of the esport industry — Boom Esports and Fact Revolution, world-leading esports organisations. Yieldly will become the leading Blockchain partner of BOOM and Fact Revolution in 2021, allowing the team’s top-tier rosters — and their millions of passionate fans — access to DeFi and NFTs on Algorand.

Yieldly, which will scale its NFT product offering in Q3 2021, will release esports NFTs with BOOM and Fact Revolution. The collaboration will also enable BOOM and Fact Revolution’s world-wide fan base to enter Yieldly’s staking pool and no-loss prize games, where users gain the chance to win bespoke esports NFTs and digital skins modeled around the respective esports partners.

Gary Ongko Putera, CEO of Boom Esports said: “With Yieldly, BOOM can accelerate the convergence between gaming and blockchain, and pave a multidimensional future for esports. We saw Yieldly as the leading development place, where we can introduce DeFi products and NFTs to our global fan base.”

Founded in 2016 BOOM Esports is a multinational, multidivisional esports organisation with a roster of elite talent hailing from all across S.E Asia. The company supports the world’s most promising gaming prospects by providing them a range of professional services, allowing them to excel at the highest levels of competitive gaming.

Simen Nygaard, CEO of Fact Revolution, said: “Yieldly and Fact Revolution have both emerged from the internet, so crossing the boundaries between esports, DeFi, and NFT is a natural step for all of us. Esports, NFTs, and DeFi are today’s future and will be there for our generations to come. I hope that together with Yieldly, we can revolutionize the esports scene with new technology.”

A leading Norwegian esports club, Fact Revolution has a strong legacy of success, with a number of world-class teams across multiple esports titles, including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Rocket League.

Nygaard added: “At a time when user experience is a key differentiator between brands, it’s important we take fan engagement to a new level. Yieldly will help us achieve this. Teaming up with Yieldly gives us an incredible opportunity to enhance our user experience through unique NFTs, digital skins, and prize games as we grow to become a leading global esports organisation.”

NFTs stand to transform the global esports arena

The esports market represents a significant and untapped market, especially when considering the remarkable growth of the sector in recent years. Global esports revenues are set to reach an estimated $1.08 billion in 2021, up more than 14.5% year-on-year from $947.1 million in 2020. The market also has one of the highest levels of engagement. In fact, the global games live-streaming audience reports that by the year 2026, this industry would have to become worth approximately $1.9 trillion.

Yieldly’s partnerships with a growing number of esports organisations will pave the way for Millennial, Gen Y, and Z gamers — who are typically early adopters of emerging technology — to dabble in DeFi and NFTs without excessive risk. Indeed, new frontiers are made possible through new partnerships.

One of the primary drivers for the intersectional growth between the crypto sector and esports market has been due to the fact that both industries have tended to attract younger investors historically. Not only that, esports organisations are expensive to run — with combined player salaries running into the tens of millions. By accessing the NFT market, both Boom Esports and Fact Revolution will be able to help generate larger revenue streams for everyone involved, helping the space as a whole grow.

Sebastian Quinn, CEO of Yieldly, said: “We’re thrilled to be partnering with these two esports titans. Esports and DeFi go hand-in-hand. Gamers are digitally native early adopters of new interesting tech, and DeFi hits the zeitgeist for interesting products for the Gen-Z and Millennial gamer cohort. Just as Yieldly is leading the DeFi development space for the Algorand ecosystem, Fact Revolution and BOOM field and foster top national and international esports talents. Together we can make a significant impact within both sectors.”

The partnership with Yieldly will also allow both esports organisations to better interact with their respective fan bases and increase engagement via a host of offerings such as digital skins that fans can use on their social media accounts, prize games for fans to earn merchandise by staking YLDY, and much more.

Originally published at https://yieldly.finance on August 26, 2021.



The highest rewards on Algorand

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The highest rewards on Algorand