Yieldly and Yesports Unite Through Wormhole Bridge Collaboration

2 min readApr 27, 2023

Continuing its drive to bridge esports into web3 games, Yesports, with a 45m strong esports partner fan base and 40+ web3 game partner companies is expanding access through collaboration with its partner company Yieldly, with 130k+ users over its 3 year history, and bridging technology developers Wormhole.

This represents a significant milestone for Yesports and its objectives in achieving multi-chain integration which empowers communities of gamers to transfer tokens across platforms.


As custodians of the freshest gaming collectible platform yNFT, Yieldly is no stranger to the portfolio of leading Algorand projects. These collections ranging from art to gamefi have amassed a loyal following, who seek the latest trends in digital collectibles.

By bridging with yNFT, Yesports creators and gamers will gain exposure to a wider audience through increasing reach and accessibility as well as plugging into the opportunities presented by the recent addition of the No Loss Prize Game to both yNFT and Yesports, double the ways to win.


With the existence of Yieldly’s Algorand native YLDY along with the recent launch of Yesports’ erc20 YESP token, Both platforms aim to advance their ecosystems by broadening the availability of YLDY and YESP across multiple chains. Through partnership with Wormhole, community members will be able to transfer assets between various blockchain platforms including Polygon, Arbitrum, and Algorand, among others.

Wormhole has billions in transactions and embedded users, with an ATH TVL in excess of $4.5b and a current TVL of $260m~ they are harnessing the power of new cross-chain activity and engagement for improved user experiences.

Future Partners

Yesports ambitiously seeks to align and collaborate with partners who are working to create new opportunities for gamers and collectors alike. Providing gamers, collectors, and fans with a single point of entry into web3 gaming is our priority. Yesports aims to become the source for web3 gaming discovery and engagement.

With expanded access and integration through Yieldly’s yNFT and Wormhole, an exciting new frontier for esports, gaming, and NFT communities is just beginning. Visit yesports.gg and yNFT.club to learn more about staking your tokens and winning NFTs from both platforms.

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