Thank You Community NFT Artists

3 min readOct 20, 2021

Dear Algorand NFT artists,

To those who responded to Yieldly’s NFT community call-out on 29 September — thank you! We see and appreciate all 350+ NFT submissions across Yieldly’s different channels. We’re thrilled to spotlight Algorand artists, both big and small, over the coming weeks and months.

We are touched by the generosity and volume of NFTs offered to Yieldly! The NFT submissions are testament to Algorand’s latent NFT ecosystem; one that warrants a strategic, multifaceted response on Yieldly’s end.

Yieldly’s NFT product offering has evolved at breakneck speed over the past few months — and will continue to do so. NFTs are a parallel force to Yieldly’s DeFi offering, informing our mission for frictionless cross-chain liquidity. For example, Yieldly partnered with several world-leading esports organisations such as Talon, BOOM Esports, and Fact Revolution, to bring the competitive world of competing gaming to DeFi and NFTs. In August, Yieldly took the NFT use cases a step further by shipping the first NFT No-Loss Prize Games on Algorand, with a record $20m USD staked in the first 5 days for a single NFT. A costless way to acquire NFTs that’s not reserved for high net worth individuals. Users simply stake to enter, generating yield plus the chance to win NFTs weekly.

Yieldly’s platform is a tried and proven recipe for NFT artists seeking exposure and community. The first creator featured in our NFT prize games — Stitchbob, began by creating NFTs of our flamingo mascot. Since then, Stitchbob has experienced countless sales, with the largest sale coming in at 15,000 ALGO. The proof is in the pudding, thanks to our passionate community.

Our team has taken a bit of time to strategise on how to showcase the NFTs in the most thoughtful, impactful and efficient way. Weekly NFT No-Loss Prize Games alone won’t scrape the surface for releasing the thousands of NFTs submitted in the near-term. Accordingly, Yieldly aims to showcase artist submissions via the following options:

  • Community page on Yieldly’s platform that showcases all NFT artists
  • More regular Twitter NFT giveaways, including a month of 30 consecutive days of NFT giveaways for the community, with artist showcase across socials
  • More arcade games with play-to-earn NFTs (we started with DeFi Space Invaders and Pac-Man…more coming)
  • Holiday season prize draw, like an advent calendar of NFTs

Beyond the aforementioned developments, Yieldly is also building out its NFT infrastructure in a more significant way. We’re working tirelessly right now to develop and implement a new ASA standard for NFTs that will add another layer of functionality and features beyond base non-fungibility, offered by most NFTs today. How can you help? Our team would be grateful to pick NFT creators’ brains via this google form. 6 short questions that take ~2 minutes to answer!

For those who have already submitted their works at, Yieldly will respond in due course by email about where to transfer your assets, as well as distribution methods on Yieldly’s platform. And for those who haven’t but are interested in getting their work featured, please email your work and social handles and website to

Originally published at on October 20, 2021.