Cosmic Champs becomes First Play-2-Earn (P2E) Game on yLaunch

3 min readApr 6, 2022

Yieldly is pleased to announce that Cosmic Champs will become the first play-to-earn (P2E) gaming title to be released via our native launchpad offering, yLaunch. yLaunch is the world’s first vertically integrated staking, NFTs and listing platform for Algorand Standard Assets (ASAs).

As part of the entire development, we will also be listing three staking pools associated with Cosmic Champs’ native token — ‘$COSG’:

  1. Stake YLDY > generate COSG
  2. Stake COSG > generate COSG, and
  3. Stake YLDY/COSG LP TOKEN > generate YLDY.

The pools will be going live on Yieldly on 21st April 2022, so mark your calendars!

In all, we’re pleased to be arranging funding, listing and distribution for Cosmic Champs’ assets, as Yieldly becomes the GameFi destination for all Algorand projects — with a launchpad and NFT marketplace.

Needless to say, we here at Yieldly are extremely excited to have Cosmic Champs as our first launchpad partner. Our co-founder and CEO Sebastian Quinn says, “By helping to launch a project like Cosmic Champs, Yieldly is paving the way for decentralised gaming on the Algorand blockchain.

Across the world, more and more players are coming on board to play these play-to-earn games, not just for entertainment, but as a means to supplement their incomes as well. This is only likely to follow suit with inflation rising globally.”

Matty Blanchard, CEO of Cosmic Champs, agrees that the future of gaming lies within the domain of P2E-based tokenomics, adding, “Yieldly are pioneers on Algorand — they are pushing the ecosystem into new territory and allowing users all over the world to easily access DeFi, and now GameFi. We are extremely excited to be working with an industry leader whose launchpad is the perfect platform to help Cosmic Champs reach for the stars.”

What is Cosmic Champs?

Cosmic Champs is an exciting P2E game built on the Algorand blockchain. They’re building a comprehensive universe where players battle in real-time with rare 3D NFTs and are rewarded with tokens for winning. Players can battle head-to-head against their friends or the computer and they’ll be able to compete in tournaments for greater glory and a bigger payday.

The project is driven by a governance token, called Cosmic Gold ($COSG), which players can generate through in-game activities or through Yieldly’s staking pools. $COSG is the main mechanism for participating in Cosmic Champs’ ecosystem. Beyond P2E and staking rewards, it will be used to: participate in the game’s governance; enter NFT prize games; mint and buy NFTs; reward creators for contributing to their metaverse; and incentivise ecosystem development. It should be noted that $COSG is not the game’s primary P2E reward token — a second token will be launched with the game for this purpose.

A closer look at our NFT prize framework

Cosmic Champs NFTs will also be included in our weekly NFT prize games upon its relaunch, helping distribute their NFTs to our rapidly growing community. Expect some unique features such as 3D characteristics, main character special pieces and lots more!

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About Cosmic Champs

Cosmic Champs is a universe of real-time battle arenas developed by gaming studio, Mad Shapes. As the leading mobile-first, 3D real-time play-to-earn game to land on Algorand, Cosmic Champs is well positioned to become the benchmark for gaming on the ecosystem. Our team is using its superhuman vision to build a project that will provide the universal foundation for an ever-expanding metaverse. We see a future where people are infinitely connected, and driven by purpose, excitement and fun — GameFi is the perfect vehicle to transport us to this future. Our Genesis season (Season 1) will contain 1400 NFTs of 3D Champs and Ships. Cosmic Champs completed the Algorand Foundation x Draper University accelerator program, and is supported by Borderless Capital.

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