Algorand Wallet’s Mobile-First Release is a Golden Opportunity for Yieldly Users

Hi everyone,

We’ve got more wallet updates!

Although the Algorand Wallet was released last month, we had to excitedly wait for some AVM 0.9 features to be actioned by Algorand before it became fully operational on our DeFi platform, which it is now!

You can now enjoy mobile-first transaction signing with Yieldly’s dApps. This is thanks to the latest release of Algorand Wallet, which makes Yieldly and the greater Algorand ecosystem more mobile-friendly than ever before!

Previously, the Algorand community (including Yieldly fam) could only access desktop signing options. Algorand Wallet’s recent integration with WalletConnect changes that in a big way. WalletConnect is an open source protocol for linking dApps to mobile wallets by QR code scanning or deep linking. WalletConnect simplifies the use of Algorand Wallet and connection. Enabling Algorand Wallet owners to sign Yieldly transactions with the device of their choice.

Our core devs have verified the latest Algorand Wallet’s functionality with Yieldly’s platform. While Algorand Wallet is a 3rd party project, we will happily pass any questions about its functionality onto the Algorand team, to streamline the user experience even more.

More wallets, more optionality, more functionality

We’re excited about the growing list of wallets supported by Yieldly. It brings our users an even greater level of freedom when it comes to controlling their funds and accessing Yieldly. More broadly, it lowers the entry barrier to DeFi on Algorand. A win-win situation. Just in time for entering Yieldly’s new staking pools with SMILE, OPUL, XET and ARCC!

Get comfy, settle in, and enjoy easy set up and secure access to Yieldly.

That’s all for now! Thanks!

Originally published at on October 10, 2021.



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