AKITA LP Pool coming back — Algorand’s Most Rewarding DeFi continues.

3 min readJan 21, 2022

Tasty second-by-second claimable rewards with our multi-audited next-generation TEAL 5 staking contracts are back — kicking off (again) with Akita Inu and more to come.

This week has been busy — but through it all — we remain absolutely focused on finding ways to create value for Yieldly users and the broader Algorand ecosystem. Now that Tinyman is back up and running — we are thrilled to announce the relaunch of the Akita’s dual pool system (LP and staking pools) which will be live within the next 12 hours. Following this, next week — we will launch an all-new Xfinite LP Pool.

Read on for details on the forthcoming Akita Inu LP pool and more.


For those playing at home, Yieldly’s first TEAL 5 LP pool launched last year as an early New Year’s eve gift to the community, with Akita Inu as the inaugural token. In the time that it was up on Yieldly (before Tinyman exploit forced the AKITA/ALGO LP pool to shut), the response was telling. Yieldly’s inaugural LP pool launch rocketed to $2.5M+ liquidity and the 2nd highest non-stablecoin pair — all within a couple of days. Quite the frenzy. Need we say more?

So what does the re-launch of the Akita LP pool involve?

It means our dual pool system will be up and running again. This means:

  • In the new AKTA/ALGO LP pool you’ll have the option to stake your LP token and get rewarded in YLDY for helping secure liquidity on Tinyman.
  • Note: the remaining rewards from the original LP pool will be put back into the new LP pool as the reward over the remaining time frame.
  • In the other active pool, stake YLDY and get rewarded in AKITA.
  • Note: The YLDY → AKITA pool still distributes the AKITA 1.0 token. You will need to swap your rewards for the new AKTA 2.0 tokens via this link.

Both pools will run concurrently and are active for ~38 days. Please note that our old AKITA/ALGO LP pool will still be accessible if required from the front-end in the closed tab.

Xfinite LP Pool — coming next week…

You may recall the Xfinite TEAL 3 staking launch on Yieldly in November last year. Xfinite’s TEAL 3 staking pools (stake YLDY earn XET pool; stake XET earn XET pool) are still live — and are about to get even more exciting with the addition of an LP pool. Be sure to look out for more details coming your way next week.

It doesn’t stop here either. We will continue striving to be the most rewarding DeFi platform on Algorand by forging new partnerships and releasing critical products that supercharge liquidity and growth on Algorand. Yieldly is the crucial staging platform for ASA projects and we welcome any potential partners to reach out to us via hello@yieldly.finance.

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